Shine's How 'Bout Them Apples

Eden is a Smooch great granddaughter and and  Ch Elite's Ticket To Ride granddaughter.  At 10 months of age and her first weekend of specialty shows Eden took Best puppy in sweeps and Wb/BOW for a 5 pt major.  Eden was bred by Shine Shar-Pei, Tzo Wen Shar-Pei and Xin Jin Shar-Pei.  She is PLL/POAG carrier and CNV 10.  Preliminaries on hips and elbows look good.   Eden does not like the show ring so we have retired her before she finished her championship.   She is the dam to Sinna, Apple, and Adam.  She will be bred one more time and then she will retire to the couch of Pat Glass where she can cuddle all the days long  (her favorite activity).

Eden 9 months of age winning her first 5pt Major at the Berkshire Spur Specialty Shows. She was also Best puppy in sweeps

8 weeks

Eden 5/15/2023

12 weeks

6 months